D2 Launch Campaign Out Of The Box

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After numerous discussions with a few clients and prospects, one of the challenges that keeps coming up is the ability to get digital campaigns out effectively and efficiently.

Some of the common issues you are facing are:

  • Getting websites updated quickly and cost effectively.
  • Campaign sites not well optimised or effective.
  • Consistency of look & feel and messaging across assets is challenging
  • Stats to measure effectiveness is rarely setup.
  • Most of you can’t measure end to end sales funnel stats.
  • There is little time to analyse the results and monitor effectiveness.
  • Most don’t have the technology or skills in place to create automated journeys, lead scoring models, and lead generation/nurturing campaigns.
  • Where you have invested in technology, the systems are rarely integrated well and poorly utilised.

So we have created a packaged campaign solution that addresses these challenges and more – “Campaign Out Of The Box”.

A Campaign Out Of The Box is a bespoke, multi channel digital campaign solution, underpinned by the latest analytics and marketing technology to deliver effective campaigns.

Find out more at Campaign Out Of The Box